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Outlaw King - 9 November 2018 - ⭐️⭐️⭐️

OUTLAW KING tells the untold, true story of Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine doing a decent enough Scottish accent) who transforms from defeated nobleman to outlaw hero during the oppressive occupation of medieval Scotland by Edward I of England. Despite grave consequences, Robert seizes the Scottish crown and rallies an impassioned group of men (including a maniacal Aaron Taylor Johnson) to fight back against the mighty army of the tyrannical King and his volatile son, the Prince of Wales. 
The film acts as a sort of spiritual sequel to 1995s far more superior Braveheart yet still provides solid entertainment with gorgeous cinematography (the film was shot on location in Scotland) and brutal battle sequences. The ending is somewhat abrupt and leaves you begging for more. 
Newcomer Florence Pugh is also a stand as Elizabeth De Burgh and the wife of Robert the Bruce.




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