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Shazam! - 05 April 2019 - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

DC has another winner! We all have a superhero inside of us -- it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In 14-year-old Billy Batson's case (Asher Angel), all he needs to do is shout out one word to transform into the adult superhero Shazam (Zachary Levi). Still a kid at heart, Shazam revels in the new version of himself by doing what any other teen would do -- have fun while testing out his newfound powers. But he'll need to master them quickly before the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong) can get his hands on Shazam's magical abilities.
Admittedly, I was a bit concerned with the first act of the film as it seemed corny and takes its time to warm up, but the moment Zachary Levi turns up is when the film truly soars. His relationship with the other foster kids is both hilarious and heartwarming-especially with the wise cracking Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer) who is terrific in this film. The third act is pure thrills and the film ends on a final scene that will put a huge smile on any comic book nerds face.
It’s rare these days when the whole audience ends the film in applause and leaves thoroughly entertained and grinning. Highly recommended.




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