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Mission Impossible: Fallout - 27 July 2018 - ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Believe the hype. 22 year later and 6 movies in, the Mission Impossible franchise is a rare one where the films just get better and Fallout sets the bar to a whole new level. Consider this statement when it is being made against Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation which were both already equally amazing. Where MI films have become famous for the insane tent pole stunts that it’s ageless star puts himself through, Fallout has about half a dozen of these sequences. It truly is one of the best action films ever made.
Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise at 56 years of age) and his IMF team (Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames) are back along with some familiar allies (Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Monaghan) in a race against time after a mission gone wrong. Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett, and Vanessa Kirby also join the dynamic cast with filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie returning to the helm. The stakes are very real this time with danger at every corner. The fight scenes-especially the bathroom brawl-are wrought with bare knuckle tension. Tom Cruise runs for his life across London rooftops among others and the infamous jump where he broke his ankle in real life is kept in the movies all for the viewers entertainment. And then he just keeps on running. The Halo jump is even more spectacular when you know it is actually Cruise doing it and surprisingly orchestrated with a dose of humor for good measure. The bike chase sequence in France is another highlight as Cruise literally races against traffic at top speed. Finally the films third act is set against the gorgeous tapestry of Kashmir and sees Cruise climb onto a helicopter IN MID AIR and then fly it around himself in pursuit of the villain. Yes he got his helicopter license so he could fly himself. Now that’s dedication. It’s also kind of nuts but you have got to respect the commitment to bringing a raw and authentic experience to the audience. Wade Eastwood the Stunt Coordinator for the film gets special kudos in the credits and this is more than deserved.
I love how Simon Pegg has become such a permanent fixture of the franchise as Benji along with Ving Rhames Luther and Rebecca Ferguson’s MI6 agent Ilsa Faust is absolutely Ethan Hunts equal. Then there’s Henry Cavill as CIA assassin August Walker. Yes the mustache was worth it (apologies to Justice League) and his character is pure rock solid might with a touch of mystery.
This is a must see in IMAX and perfect summer entertainment. I don’t recall the last time I saw so many members of the audience gasping and leaning forward in sheer suspense throughout the movie. I don’t know where the franchise is going to go from here but I am all in.

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